Vers un second tour Mélenchon – Le Pen ?

Pour la première fois, selon un sondage Kantar Sofres-Onepoint, le candidat de La France insoumise, crédité de 18% des voix, passerait devant François Fillon (17%) au premier tour, toujours dominé par Marine Le Pen et Emmanuel Macron, tous deux à 24%. Dans la foulée va-t-il réussir à doubler Macron ? Dans le cas d’un deuxième tour Mélenchon – Le Pen, le premier est donné gagnant, de peu. Hamon est largement distancé, si Fillon perd encore plus de terrain, ses électeurs vont-ils voter pour Macron pour éviter Mélenchon ? Le suspense s’intensifie et je me demande s’il y aura tellement d’abstensions ou de votes pour les petits candidats tant l’enjeu si Mélenchon ou Le Pen devait être élu(e) président(e) est important.
Nota : Le sondage quotidien Présitrack met Mélenbchon à 18% mais crédite encore Fillon de 19%.

Pocket PISTOLS 2017

4 CARRYING THE FIREPOWER (By Fred Mastison) Must-know tips for striking the balance between comfortable and comforting everyday carry.
10 POCKET SAVES THROUGH TIME (By Massad Ayoob) Tiny yet formidable, here are 10 real-world cases where a backup gun helped save the day.
14 REMASTERED RUGER LCP .380 (By Mike Detty) Packed with fan-feedback improvements, the LCP is back with a vengeance!
20 SWEET CCC SPRINGFIELD (By Paul Scarlata) And in this corner, hailing from Geneseo, Illinois, the newly contoured EMP Lightweight Champion!
28 CURVE APPEAL (By Paul Scarlata) Taurus’ laser-equipped .380 will twist your perception of concealed carry.
30 THE TAURUS SPECTRUM (By Athlon Staff) An exclusive look at an innovative, stylish .380 ACP striker.
32 LONG LIVE THE LIBERATOR (By William Bell) Check out Inland’s new take on a super-covert .45 from World War II!
37 AGI’s DOUBLE TAKE (By Will Dabbs, MD) Get a closer look at Bond Arms’ derringers with the American Gunsmithing Institute.
38 HEIZER’S POCKET .45 (By Mike Detty) It’s time to turn up the CCW heat with the world’s thinnest .45 semi-auto!
44 WC SENTINEL XL (By Rob Garrett) Don’t let the name fool you. Wilson’s newest 1911 carries small but offers big possibilities!
50 M INI SIG (By Andy Massimilian) The Ultra Compact 9mm rises above the pack of carry-ready 1911s.
56 COLT’S DETECTIVE SPECIAL (By Will Dabbs, MD) This little snubbie has backed up officers and civilians for decades.
60 BATTLE OF THE NINES (By Dennis Adler) Two subcompacts—the Kimber Micro 9 and SCCY CPX-2—duke it out!
64 COM PACT KAHRS (By Dr. Martin D. Topper) It’s time to go Kahr shopping for some ultra- reliable pistols that offer on-the-go protection 24/7.
68 BACKUP BLADES (By Tim Stetzer) Rugged, affordable knives to ride shotgun to your trusted sidearm.
74 LITTLE GUNS & LASERS (By Richard Mann) See how a Crimson Trace laser on Big Green’s
RM380 can help increase your precision.
78 REBORN CLASSIC (By Rob Garrett) Cylinder & Slide resurrects the Colt
Model 1908 Pocket Hammerless—in .45 ACP!
82 WALTHER SHOOTOUT (By Will Dabbs, MD) Testing two compact pistols – old and new – to see which is best for self-defense.
86 WHAT’S HOT FROM SHOT (By Gordon D. Smith) Check out the new guns and holsters debuted at the 2017 SHOT Show!
93 STATE-BY-STATE CARRY LAWS (By Jeremy D. Clough) Charting the concealed-carry laws for all 50 states in 2017.