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Fusils d’assaut

Assault rifle is an individual infantry weapon. These usually have an effective range of 300 – 800 meters. Currently assault rifles are widely used by frontline troops and special operations forces.
Usually assault rifles are gas-operated weapons, chambered for intermediate or small caliber cartridges. Most of these weapons have semi-auto and full-auto modes. Some of them are capable of firing in 2- or 3-round burst modes.
Most of the assault rifles are compatible with various accessories, such as knife-bayonets, underbarrel grenade launchers, various optics, night sights. Some of these weapons are capable of launching rifle grenades.
Some of assault rifles have a bullpup layout. These weapons have a pistol grip located in front of the magazine and the whole operating system and mechanisms are located in place of the buttstock. Such layout allows make weapon more compact, however it also has some drawbacks. Most of the bullpup designs are poorly balanced.
Some of the latest assault rifles have modular design. These can be easily adapted to a variety of roles, by changing the barrel, caliber, or other components.
In this chapter you will find a number of modern assault rifles and carbines. Most of them are in service with a number of countries. Also this chapter includes some interesting designs, that were not accepted to service or were produced only in small numbers.