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Submachine guns are automatic weapons, chambered for small caliber pistol cartridges. These weapons usually combine high volume of fire of the machine gun and compact dimensions at the expense of range and accuracy. Also they offer more controllable fire than automatic pistols. Most submachine guns have been designed for close encounters and concealed carrying. SMGs usually have effective range of about 50 to 200 meters.
Typically submachine guns are blowback-operated and fire from an open bolt. They are usually chambered for the standard 9 x 19 mm pistol ammunition. Most SMGs have semi- auto and full-auto modes. Some of them are capable of firing in 2- or 3-round burst modes.
Currently submachine guns are widely used by special operations forces, vehicle drivers, tank and artillery crews, staff personnel, support units, pilots, medical teams, airborne troops and law enforcement forces. These are used as personal defense or assault weapons. Many of these weapons are compatible with silencers or sound suppressors.
The main drawback of most SMGs is that the standard 9 x 19 mm round does not penetrate body armor at longer ranges.
Personal Defense Weapons or PDWs are considered as new-generation weapons. These are chambered for newly-developed more powerful high-velocity ammunition, offering enhanced penetration. Otherwise these are similar to submachine guns. PDWs have an effective range of about 200 meters. At close ranges these weapons deliver firepower of an assault rifle. PDWs are effective against body armor at ranges of 100 meters and beyond.
It is worth mentioning, that many operators use these weapons for the role, directly opposite to their original role. PDWs are often used for offensive roles by assault teams or special operations forces.
In this chapter you will find a number of modern submachine guns and personnel defense weapons.