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Heckler & Koch UMP

image054 Caliber .45 ACP
Weight (empty) 2.3 kg
Length 600 mm
Length (with folded stock) 450 mm
Barrel length 200 mm
Muzzle velocity 285 m/s
Cyclic rate of fire 6000 rpm
Practical rate of fire 30 – 80 rpm
Magazine capacity 10, 25, 30 rounds
Sighting range ?
Range of effective fire 100 m

image008 The Heckler & Koch UMP submachine gun was designed as a successor to the famous MP5 in the mid-1990s. The main goal was to design a lightweight and powerful SMG, which would be cheaper than the MP5. This weapon was aimed mainly at US law enforcement market. It’s production commenced in
1999 and it is still produced. This SMG is in service with some law enforcement agencies worldwide.
The HK UMP is a blowback-operated, selective fire weapon, fired from the closed bolt. It’s first versions, the UMP-45 and UMP-40 were chambered for .45 ACP and .40 SW ammunition respectively. Later a 9 x
19 mm version became available (UMP-9). All versions have similar design, apart from the different chambering.
The UMP can fire in semi-auto, full-auto, 2- or 3-round burst modes. It’s fire mode selector is also acts as a safety lock. This fire mode selector is fully ambidextrous. Cocking handle is located at the front of the receiver.
The HK UMP is available with 25- and 30-round capacity magazines. The UMP-45 is typically fed from 25-rouns magazines. Other versions are fed from the 30-round one. The .45 ACP and .40 SW versions use straight magazines and the 9-mm comes with curved magazines.