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image064 Caliber 9 x 19 mm
Weight (empty) 3.5 kg
Length 650 mm
Length (with folded stock) 470 mm
Barrel length 260 mm
Muzzle velocity 400 m/s
Cyclic rate of fire 600 rpm
Practical rate of fire 40 – 120 rpm
Magazine capacity 25, 32, 40, 50 rounds
Sighting range 200 m
Range of effective fire 200 m

image010 The Uzi submachine gun was designed by Uziel Gal, an Israel’s army lieutenant, in 1949. This weapon is named in honor to it’s designer. It was officially adopted in 1951 and was first introduced to Israel’s army special forces in 1954. Two years later it became the standard issue submachine gun. It has been manufactured by the Israel Military Industries (IMI). It was phased out of frontline service with the IDF in the 1980s and currently this weapon is only in reserve.
This submachine gun was so successful, that it had been adopted by more than 90 countries worldwide either for military use or law enforcement forces. It was license-produced in Belgium by FN Herstal (FN Uzi) and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Unlicensed copied have been produced in China (Model 320) and Croatia (ERO).
It is an open bolt, blowback operated submachine gun, chambered for the 9 x 19 mm Para round.
The Spectre M4 SMG is fed from 30- or 50-round capacity magazines. It is worth mentioning that civilian versions of this weapon are available with 5-, 10- or 15- round magazines.