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Caliber 5.8 x 21 mm
Weight (empty) 2.2 kg
Length 500 mm
Barrel length 250 mm
Muzzle velocity 150 m/s
Cyclic rate of fire 400 rpm
Practical rate of fire 50 – 150 rpm
Magazine capacity 50 rounds
Sighting range 150 m
Range of effective fire 150 – 200 m

image006 The QCW-05 submachine gun is also referred as the Type 05. It’s designation translates as a “Silenced Assault Gun, 2005”. It was developed in the early 2000s to meet the Chinese army requirement for a compact submachine gun. This design won the trials and was selected for production. Production commenced in 2005. Currently is in service with the PLA and Chinese law enforcement forces. This weapon replaces the ageing Type 85 and other obsolete submachine guns.
This submachine gun looks like a scaled-down version of the QBZ-95, however it’s internal design is different.
The original QCW-05 is produced for military use. It is a blowback operated weapon, with bullpup layout. This SMG is chambered for the new Chinese 5.8 x 21 mm ammunition. Some sources claim that it uses armor-piercing rounds as it’s primary ammunition. In concept The QCW-05 it is a personal defense weapon, similar to the FN P90 and HK MP7.
The Type 05 submachine gun is fed from four-row magazines, that hold 50 rounds.