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TDI Kriss Super V

image082 Caliber .45 ACP
Weight (empty) ~ 2 kg
Length 635 mm
Length (with folded stock) 406 mm
Barrel length 140 mm
Muzzle velocity ?
Cyclic rate of fire 800 – 1 100 rpm
Practical rate of fire 30 – 80 rpm
Magazine capacity 13, 30 rounds
Sighting range ?
Range of effective fire 100 m

image015 The Kriss Super V submachine gun was developed by Transformational Defense Industries (TDI). It’s name comes from Indonesian sword or large knife.
It is a delayed-blowback operated, selective fire weapon, which fires from the closed bolt. The Kriss Super V is chambered for .45 ACP ammunition. It is also available in .40 S&W. The Kriss Super V uses a patented operating system, which reduces recoil and muzzle climb. It absorbs and redirects the recoil force downwards, thus improving overall weapon control. Developers claim that this submachine gun generates 60% less felt recoil and 95% less muzzle climb than contemporary designs. The Kriss can be fired single-handedly with adequate accuracy.
This SMG has an effective range of about 100 meters. Weapon can be easily field-stripped just with removal of two push-pins. This SMG comes with a side- folding polymer buttstock. It has an accessory rail is mounted below the barrel and is compatible with laser pointers, vertical grips, tactical flashlights and other accessories. Two additional rails can be installed on either side of the receiver.
The Kriss Super V is fed from the standard 13-round Glock 21 magazines.