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Sa vz.61 Scorpion

image041 Caliber 7.65 x 17 mm
Weight (empty) 1.59 kg
Length 517 mm
Length (with folded stock) 269 mm
Barrel length 112 mm
Muzzle velocity 330 m/s
Cyclic rate of fire 640 rpm
Practical rate of fire 30 – 90 rpm
Magazine capacity 10 – 20 rounds
Sighting range 150 m
Range of effective fire 50 m

image005 The Samopal vz.61 Scorpion submachine gun was developed in Czechoslovakia in the late 1950s by Miroslav Rybar. Initially it was intended for the reconnaissance units, special forces, staff officers and non-frontline units as a personal defense weapon. First prototypes were completed in 1959 and it was adopted to service with Czechoslovakian military in 1961. This submachine gun was widely exported. It was produced under license in Yugoslavia. A total of 210 000 of these SMGs were manufactured. Currently it is in service with a number of countries.
It is a blowback operated, selective fire weapon. It has an original fire rate reduction mechanism.
The original vz.61 Scorpion is chambered for the 7.65 x 17 mm Browning (.32 ACP) ammunition. From today’s point of view this caliber is considered to be insufficient, however at that time it was a standard cartridge for many service pistols. Also it is worth mentioning that the vz.61 was smaller and lighter than most contemporary designs. This compact SMG can be easily fired single-handedly, however it’s effective range of fire is only about 50 meters. The Scorpion proved to be a reliable weapon.